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Sunday Summary 68

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Another week, another Sunday Summary! 

Rosie - This week has been a particularly difficult one in terms of my ability to keep my level of exercise up and eat healthily. I've been on a course during the day and then in the evening there's been several hours of coursework so although I managed three morning runs I didn't manage to do my exercise DVD or get on the bike at all.  I normally eat my cereal at my desk in the morning so not being at work has meant I've plumped for hot chocolates or Diet Cokes in the morning to stave off hunger rather than my usual bowl of granola - not good! I've managed to increase the distance I run however and all in all I've had a fairly healthy week so I've still managed to lose a lb which I'm pleased about.  I'm off to a festival on Thursday so planning a few good healthy days with lots of exercise before then.

Sarah -  I've really gotten into the swing of Slim-Fast and am actually enjoying it! Now that my body has adjusted to the lower calorie in take I do not feel hungry at all.  I find it really easy to stick to the plan during the week but the weekends are where I usually struggle so I am using myfitnesspal in conjunction to keep track of my calories if I do go a little off plan.  Thankfully this has worked for me and I have lost 2lbs this week.  I am really happy with this as I usually struggle to lose more than a pound a week.

Gemma - Is at Reading festival this weekend.

Lauren - I finally managed to get a gym membership sorted out this week and it has been my saving grace as I've managed to lose 1lb despite eating rubbish all week! I've been really struggling to get my head into the healthy eating game over the last couple of weeks - I think hormones and high-stress levels are the culprit - so thats my focus this week. My best friend is home from Australia for a week and there will be lots of eating out and boozing so I'm going to make healthy choices where I can and try to squeeze in a few runs as I won't be able to get to the gym. Hopefully I won't do too much damage and will be able to start September in a better frame of mind where eating is concerned!

How has your week been? How do you cope with a change of routine? Any tips gratefully received!


  1. Good luck ladies, Ibet Gem is having a great time at reading. I'm doing utter rubbish this week! I've had 5 meals out not looking forward to the scales tomorrow. xx

  2. Sounds like a good week for everyone - well done! (and an especially good week for Gemma, lucky thing!)

  3. Sounds like everyone's doing really well. Sarah, I'm jealous that you're doing Slim Fast; I've tried a couple of times but I could never get into it.


  4. Good luck for new week ladies. Hope Gem had an awesome time at Reading festival. I think its the time of year which is keeping us all off focus, I know i'm struggling as well. xx

  5. I think that the best thing (to try and remember)when your routine has changed, is to not just write off an entire day, weekend or week, just because you have started badly. I used to be the Queen of 'starting afresh on Monday', and tricked myself into thinking that I was already so far gone with eating badly one more bad dietary choice wouldn't make a difference.

    BUT it DOES!

    I always try and remind myself of this now when I feel I'm heading down a path of unhealthy eating!

    Love your blog:)
    Lulu x

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