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Guest Post - Lori from Miss Lori Loves

Saturday, 18 August 2012

This weeks guest post is brought to you by Lori from Miss Lori Loves.

I've always
struggled a little bit with my weight, when I was in school and a lot younger although I wasn't what you would call fat I wasn't slim either. I was always the chubbiest one of my friends even though I didn't overeat or have too many sweets etc, quite the opposite I was always a really healthy eater but I wasn't into sports so I think that avoiding PE was my downfall. 

The same goes for nowadays, I still eat quite healthily although I'd say now portion control is not one of my strong points which meant that I've always remained a little on the chubby side as an adult. 
I'm by no means huge however I am a very petite person, I'm 5'2 in height so any extra weight really shows up on me and makes me feel absolutely massive. Clothes wise, I normally wear a size 10 however I'd say that this is mostly down to my height as usually anything above a this size drowns me in the arms or legs or is too tall in the torso. Recently I’ve been feeling my jeans can be a little tight so I’ve wanted to lose some weight and tone up more so I can comfortably fit into my clothes. 

I’d like to lose 10-14lbs roughly which would put me around the 9 stone mark which for my height would be my ideal weight.  I’ve lost around 6lbs in the past few weeks and I’d like to share with you a product which I’ve felt has helped me more than any others in the past. 

Skinny Sprinkles Appetite Control and Energy Drink is a new type of weight loss supplement. They are different to a lot of weight loss drink aids as they are a supplement rather than a meal replacement. These are taken 3 times a day in the place of a snack 15 min before a meal to help you feel fuller for longer and therefore less likely to have the urge to snack. They are a little sachet of strawberry flavoured powder which is mixed with water to make a smoothie type drink. The taste isn’t unpleasant but it isn’t delightful either however strangely enough I was craving the taste of these after a few days.  They work because the active ingredient Glucomannan is a special type of dietary fibre (which is scientifically-proven by the EFSA to aid weight loss reduction as part of a calorie controlled diet.) this slowly thickens when added to water. 

When you have a drink you don't feel full afterwards but if you have a meal you do – yes we all know this! The reason why is down to what is called 'gastric emptying'. When you have consumed a meal your stomach knows you have eaten and the 'trap door' between the stomach and intestine closes so that the stomach can digest the food. When you consume a drink the stomach does not need to digest the drink so the trap door does not close. That is why drinking water for example does not make you feel full. Because Skinny Sprinkles thickens into a gel like consistency in your stomach, the stomach responds to it like it would to food and delays gastric emptying – giving a feeling of fullness.
Skinny Sprinkles  also contains guarana and caffeine which is great for a little energy boost, although the caffeine content is minimal so won’t leave you with the shakes and insomnia like some weight loss supplements have, just enough for a pre workout boost. 

The packaging is also gorgeous and really discreet to pop in your handbag and not embarrassing like some weight loss products look. I take these to work with me and people are always asking what they are because they could be anything, at first look I wouldn’t have thought they were a weight loss drink.

The photos I’m sharing in this post is after 6 days of taking Skinny Sprinkles, I had to have ear surgery last week so I’ve had to stop my diet and exercise regime at the moment but as soon as I’m back on the mend I’ll definitely be using Skinny Sprinkles again to help me shift any lbs I’ve put on from being stuck in bed.

I’ve lost around 6lbs since I started and feel much less bloated which I think is amazing as I’ve tried loads of other diet supplements with varied degrees of success but this has been by far the best for me. I was really surprised how full I felt and how little of my normal (probably huge) portions I was eating and I’ve not been reaching for my mid-morning or afternoon snacks like I usually would. I think that even after taking these for a few weeks and stopping the snacking habit has been broken for me which is great as these “little snacks” probably were adding large inches to my waistline.

You can buy these in packs of 21 which should last 1 week from the Skinny Sprinkles website. They come in a great “letterbox friendly” pack so you don’t have to collect them from the post office if you aren’t home for delivery.  

For more information about ingredients and how they work please see Skinny Sprinkles website. 
Remember: Drinking these alone will not make you super skinny overnight these are to aid weight loss alongside a balanced diet and exercise, which is the only real way to lose weight healthily and keep it off. 


  1. i really wish they'd make these in another flavour, i'm allergic to strawberry!

  2. I've read a few reviews on these and it all sounded really good until i saw the price, £29.99 for one box that lasts a week? i don't think i could ever afford that! even a box that lasted a month i probably couldn't justify spending that kind of money! which is a shame.

  3. I've been trialling these too and find them really handy but would not use them as a long term solution. They're a great stepping stone to start off the weight loss and encourage portion control and that's really the push I need. When I start to see a difference I find it a lot easier to motivate myself!


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  7. Professional blog post Written by you. - I've not actually got that jeans etc, really struggle with comfort! Needing to add different colour to my collection, started to achieve this with boots/sandals until the change of weather - but now need to start on my Busted knee Weight Skinny Jeans.