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Pret Topcorn

Monday, 13 June 2011

So, everybody, I have recently discovered a new snack that has quite possibly become the best snack in the whole entire universe. It doesn't sound exciting when I say that it's only popcorn from Pret, but trust me on this one, it is.

This picture isn't mine by the way, I got it from here

Okay so if you haven't tried this I bet you're thinking, 'er, what? SWEET AND SALT?!', because that's exactly what I was thinking. The girl I'm working with absolutely adores this stuff, and she is an obsessive calorie counter, so I decided to try some. Since that day, I have probably had about four or five bags and I seriously cannot get enough. It's definitely one of the nicest popcorn that I've ever tasted and the mixture of sweet and salt is enough to satisfy any sort of craving you might have.

And the best thing? The bags are properly huge (surprisingly, 25g of popcorn is A LOT) and there's only 123 calories in a bag! And another good thing, it is suitable for vegans as well as being dairy free, gluten free, GM free, wheat free & yeast free. Amazing.

If Sweet & Salt doesn't tickle your fancy, there is other flavours available, I've definitely seen chocolate and toffee, not entirely sure what they're like calorie-wise but if you've tried them, let us know!

Have you tried this sweet & salt stuff? Does it take your fancy?


  1. They have started selling this in the canteen where I work (the bag looks exactly the same without the Pret logo) I was debating trying it and you have just sold it to me! I think I might go for the wasabi flavour I saw....

    Love the blog girls! xxx


  2. Haven't tried this but i was introduced to mixed popcorn at the cinema couple years ago, i didn't even know u could ask for that, ha!

  3. I always have mixed popcorn at the cinema, I was introduced to it when I worked at a showcase cinema a few years back and I can't get enough of it! Will definitely be giving this a look as well, thanks for the tip! :) xxx

  4. Tyrrells make a sweet and salt popcorn too - I thought it was much nicer than the Pret version, but similarly low in calories.

    Nice blog by the way - Mines like the exact opposite, full of all the wrong things to eat! :-D

    PS Thanks for linking my photo - much appreciated.

  5. Mmmm sounds amazing. I LOVE popcorn, and sometimes get half sweet and half salted from the cinema as I can't decide on which to get! They do go rather nicely together! Need to get some packets of those xx

  6. I love Pret's popcorn - takes me forever to get through a bag of it so it was my exam time staple snack. x

  7. How random, I just tried this stuff for the first time today: love it! Just wish there was a Pret near me, and that it wasn't so expensive!

  8. Boots do a Shapers one (not mixed, but salted or maple) which comes in at 88 calories and is fab.