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LighterLife Fast - Losing weight over Christmas and the New Year

Friday, 16 January 2015

I've already spoken about my first month trying out LighterLife Fast on the blog but this post is going to focus on following the plan over Christmas and into the new year. I normally have a lot of anxiety around Christmas, worrying about putting weight on and trying to limit the damage or feeling guilty about what I eat. By following the LighterLife plan this year I didn't have any of those worries

I tend to put on around 5-7lbs over the festive period with all those parties and family meals, drinking Baileys like it's going out of fashion and not being able to go to the gym. This year I managed to maintain my weight over Christmas thanks to the products below. No miracle needed.

I'm sure you have all heard of the 5:2 diet, also known as the Fast diet – but just in case you haven't here is a quick overview. The idea behind the diet is that you eat normally 5 days a week and then fast the remaining two. On the fast days you quarter your calorie intake, it is advised that you eat 600 calories and get your RDA of key vitamins and minerals along with fibre and protein. The two fast days should not be taken consecutively.
I consumed just 600 calories 2 days a week by eating from the LighterLife Fast range which is available at Superdrug but ate what I liked for the other days. I didn't have to say no to anything, and didn't feel guilty after my third After Eight. I wouldn't say this is an attitude you should take all year round, you do need to eat moderately on your non 5:2 days but the easing of the festive food guilt was a great relief for me. I had to chose my 5:2 days wisely and plan ahead, I normally did them on a Monday when I was in work all day and had yoga in the evening so I was busy and not tempted by food. I also chose a Friday which is the day before my weigh in so I would want to stay on track to see the result I wanted at the scales. 

I followed the LighterLife Fast plan in the new year and managed to lose 4lbs in my first week when combining this with some yoga and a session or two at the gym. I'm hoping to lose a little more when I weigh in this week. I'm not sure it's something I could do when I'm away on holiday or on my birthday week but love this plan when I want to lose some weight quickly and with no fuss. As someone who has lost a lot of weight through plans like Weight Watcher's I've found this plan much easier to follow and his given me the results I want.

Have you tried the 5:2 plan or the LighterLife Fast products?


  1. I haven't tried either of these planss, but after baby is born I will be looking for something I think!

  2. Omg! This is amazing and you're doing a great job! I hope this is available in the US too and will give this a try. I'm just doing home exercise these days and trying to do my best to eat healthier since that plays a big part too. All the best to you!! Xx Donah

  3. I think everyone is in this moment and i as of yet have found no initiative to do so , i feel i need a little help and becasue i quit smoking and its not my 5th week coming up im still struggling to adjust to my new routines without that white stick but I do hope that now ive taken that one small step to quit smoking , I will then realise that I can and will be able to achieve weight los and a healthier lifestyle in my own time (hopefully some time this year lol ), best of luck x

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