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Sunday Summary #28

Sunday, 25 September 2011

How has your week been guys? We have had an amazing week thanks to being shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards. If you nominated us please let us know, we would love the opportunity to say thank you!

Gemma- I stayed the same this week which is rather disappointing, I'm working a lot next week so hopefully I will be rushing around a lot burning off calories. I also get better results when I'm working everyday because I can only eat things I have packed for lunch, we don't have a canteen or biscuit tin in work so I can't pick at food. I went out for a hen night yesterday and had a chicken salad for lunch but the pub had bottomless chips and kept on filling bowls of chips for us. I also went a bit crazy in the evening drinking huge cocktails from disco balls and I'm going out again tonight. I'm going to need to hit the gym this week if I want to reach my pre wedding goal of fitting in to my dress.

Sarah - I somehow managed to lose a whopping 3.5lbs this week! Happy is not the word :) Hopefully I can keep losing every week now and have got past the little rut I had found myself stuck in. Most of the clothes I have bought recently have been a size 10, a fantastic feeling. There are still a few dresses in my wardrobe that are too tight but they should fit in another 7lbs or so. I am getting there!

Lucy - I have to say, being nominated for the Cosmo Blog Award has made me realise that I need to start pushing myself more; since I moved home from uni I haven't really been dieting at all. I haven't been eating hideously, but I on the same note I haven't been keeping an eye on what I do eat. I go to Australia a week today and I haven't lost a substantial (if any at all) amount of weight since we started this blog and the reason? It's down to pure laziness. Without making excuses, I guess the whole idea of going and the fact it's come around so quickly, hasn't really felt real, and it still doesn't to be quite honest. It's more than too late to make a difference now, but when I'm back on November 7th, and whether we win that award or not, I'm going to pick myself up and TRY AGAIN. Thank you everyone for the continuous support though, and sorry for letting you all, and myself, down.

Sarah V - I lost a pound this week which was less than I hoped. But I've stuck with the diet and apart from the odd minor blip, have managed to stick to it. Certain annoying female afflictions may stop me losing this week but at least I know that if I keep this up, I'll see the results next week! I completely agree with Lucy's above comments, my motivation has slipped a lot too, and the nomination has made me realise that there are people out there who love this blog, and I owe it to them to take it seriously and commit to this diet. Plus, I have some winter clothes I'd really like to squeeze into!

Over to you lovely lot, please fill us in on how you've been getting on this week. We'd also love to hear from you on any amazing recipes you've tried, any great tips or new exercise classes you've done - let us know!


  1. well done girls! i need to up the ante on my weightloss.

  2. well done on your weight loss girlies! xx

  3. I had a great week! Awesome to hear of your weight loss too x

  4. I woke up this morning and without even thinking about it got dressed for a run! I've been in a total rut for the past 2 months, and it felt SO GOOD to just get up and move again :)

    You are all such inspiration, love you guys!

    Love, Tilda

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