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Sunday Summary #26

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Here is this weeks (rather late) Sunday Summary-

Lucy - possibly one of the worst weeks of my life, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Why is bad food so good and why do I have ZERO will power?

Gemma - I couldn't go to class again! I had work all day Friday but I'm going to a different class after work tomorrow. I weighed at home and I lost 2lbs, it's great but it should have been more because I've not been to class for a few weeks. I had a mad moment last night and decided to go out after work and drank a lot of vodka, I then got home and ate loads of pitta bread with cream cheese (why?!) and had a bacon roll to cure the hangover this morning. There goes all my 49 weekly points! (update, weighed on Monday and lost 1lb)

Sarah - I put on 1lb at class this week but have stuck to plan ever since and am hopeful that I am now back on track and will be reporting a great weightloss next week!

Sarah V - I put on 5lbs at class this week which is horrendous. I knew I'd gained but didn't think it would be that bad. Since then I've tried to get back on track, and am fairly confident that when I get weighed on Tuesday, I'll have at least lost a couple of pounds. I'm annoyed with myself for losing track so badly over the summer so now all the fun stuff is over, I'm determined to start losing properly again, instead of having good week/bad week all the time - I'm basically where I was when we started this blog. :(

How has your week been?


  1. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog hun :) x

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