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Sunday Summary #21

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sarah V - After my birthday last weekend I was determined to get back on track. At my weigh in on Tuesday, I'd gained another 2lbs which I expected after all the birthday meals out I'd had - but from then onwards have really got back in the zone. I did an extra zumba class on Thursday, walked to work most days and have done my best to eat well. I've had a couple of slips - a BBQ on Friday night for instance where I forgot all of my tips! But overall, I'm feeling back in the zone, and hopeful for a good weightloss result on Tuesday.

Sarah - My motivation seems to have disappeared :( I have gained 2lbs this week and cannot stop craving and eating crap. An overnight work conference really didn't help especially the very limited choice of calorie laden food followed by beers, lots of cosmos and champagne... I really need to stop this and get back on track, someone please kick me up the ass.

Gemma -It was my birthday on Friday and I can honestly say I've not stopped eating and drinking since the wedding last weekend. I did manage to stay the same weight which was all down to making wise choices. I'm now a lot more aware of what foods and drinks should be avoided and I stuck to a lot of chicken and salad when eating out for my birthday and one or two gin and slimline tonics. If I hadn't been following the Weight Watchers plan since Feb I probably would have put about 5lbs on this week from eating loads of carbs and drinking lots of cocktails. I'm really happy with maintaining my weight this week.

Charlene - It was my birthday on Tuesday so I think it's safe to say that after 4 nights of drinking, eating at restaurants and a big chocolate birthday cake that I haven't lost anything! Ah well, your birthday only happens once a year! I keep getting cravings for going out a long run, however this only seems appealing when it's late at night and probably not safe. Although, cravings for exercise! YAY! Going to drag myself out of bed early tomorrow and run!

Lucy - This week I've been mostly living off macaroni cheese out of a packet, houmous wraps, grapes, pineapple, crisps and chocolate. And the occasional banana. It's difficult living in a flat and not having kitchen essentials - I have a bowl, a plate and a pan. That's pretty much it! I'm not sure if I'll have lost any weight but I'm definitely not eating as much as I usually do.


  1. Well done ladies! Can't believe you have so many birthdays close together! I look at myself this week and look like i've lost weight, but everytime I weigh myself, i've gained!!! Annoying. I've been really good on the exercise front though, gym twice last week and lots of walking! This week i'm going to walk to work every day (20 mins each way), gym twice, yoga x1 and try and do a class too! xxx

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