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Sunday Summary #15

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Is it really Sunday again already!

Sarah - I've really struggled this week. I carried on with Fast Forward but it didn't have much effect. I have now switched back to regular Slimming World so am at least not hungry all the time. I have only lost 1lb this week which makes me very :( That's now 19lbs in 10 weeks of Slimming World and 7lbs to lose in 4 weeks... I can do this!! I have my Sisters hen party on Saturday so am going to be to plan 100% up until then and keep my fingers crossed that I don't do too much damage in one day.

Gemma - After 2 weeks of not being able to go to my weigh in I finally managed to go this week and I lost 3lbs. I'm really happy with that because I had a few days without tracking my points and I lost a little motivation because I hadn't been to class or spoken to my leader for 2 weeks.  I'm currently on a hen weekend and I drank loads of cocktails but tried to drink water in between and I ate a chicken salad for our meal out so I hope I managed to limit the damage.  I moved house on Friday and as I mentioned in the post earlier in the week, the new house doesn't have a kitchen. We went to the chippy in the night because we were too tired too cook and we couldn't find our plates anyway. Weigh in this week is going to be interesting...

Charlene - Exercise wise, it's been a good week. Food wise, not so much. I've ate out at restaurants far too much this week and although I've tried to make healthy choices, it's still not been what you'd call diet friendly. No loses for me this week but the exercise is making me feel great!

Lucy - Okay so even if this week had been a good week for me, I'm almost certain any good work would have been cancelled out by the sheer amount of stuff I've eaten and drank over my 21st birthday weekend.  Silver lining? It's Monday tomorrow...

Sarah V - is at Glastonbury this weekend

How have you gotten on this week? If you're struggling for motivation don't forget we are only a tweet away!


  1. Well done ladies! Don't worry Gem, it's SUCH a difficult situation, im sure the stress of the move will mean you lose some anyway ;-). And i'm sure all that walking at Glasto will mean Sarah loses some!

    Ive had a really good week, i've signed up to http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ which I really love! Although I think i'm getting a tad too obsessed with it! I've been for a run/walk three times this week, although today's didn't go so well as the other days! Ive also walked twice for about an hour and cycled for about 40 minutes! A pretty good week, hope I keep this up!

  2. Oh! I Just remembered I also did badminton and walked about 30 mins more! High standards to keep up! xxx

  3. I know the feeling! And yes, thank goodness it's Monday. Mondays always put me into a shock and then I just reset the meter. Functions and dieting are just so hard... especially when there's nothing particularly fig-friendly on the menu :(... but it's amazing how you managed to kind of balance it all out, Gemma!

    @ Sophiewearing -- MyFitnessPal is amazing and if you've got it on your iTouch or iPhone... you may find yourself obsessing over how to balance your calories. Good luck!

  4. Keep up the good work ladies! I weigh in on Friday morning because there's usually a little damage over the weekend, so I have all week to work out and eat right!

    I lost 3lbs at Friday's weigh in at felt really great! I am down 7.4lbs at the moment. I am starting the Couch to 5k program today, so I'll be doing 20 minutes of jogging/walking, as well as a yoga class this evening and other workouts throught the week! Hopefully this week I will have as big a loss as last! I am try to be down 15lbs before I leave for vacation in early august :)

  5. Good luck, ladies! You're all on the right track, so just keep on with the hard work :) x

  6. Thanks ladies, remember if you need any support or want to ask us any questions you are more than welcome to. You can always chat to us on twitter too.
    Moving house has been so stressful! we have been having loads of take aways but when everyone else has been having fish and chips I've been having mushrooms, noodles and curry from the Chinese which is much less calorific!

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