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Friday, 17 June 2011

We've been running this blog for 3 months now and I'll admit it, I'm struggling. It seems that I'll find something that works for me (the best thing ever being The 30 Day Shred), I'll be hugely enthusiastic about it, do it religiously and then… nothing. I just stop.

I was seeing results after just 10 days of The 30 Day Shred. It was probably the quickest I've ever noticed any sort of change in my body so it was obviously working really well. So why stop? If I had kept going who knows, I might have had the flat tummy I long for by now. I promised myself I'll start doing it again. But I just can't seem to find the final push I need to get off the couch and JUST DO IT.

I know a lot of you have been doing this whole weightloss thing for a lot longer than me, so I've been wondering. How do you keep yourself motivated? Does diet and exercise really just become a habit after so long? How do you pick yourself back up after falling?


  1. I know what you mean...to be honest, it does become a habit. At least that´s how it works for me. But it takes an awful lot of determination to get to the stage when it actually is a habit (I´ve read that for a human mind, it takes 40 repetitions to actually get used to something - and now this is supposed to be a scientific fact. So you actually have to make yourself do something 40 times before your mind takes it for something totally automatic). On the other hand, getting out of the habit is like the easiest thing in the world:( (yea, do something 40 times, then your mind gets used to it, then, for whatever reason, skip one session and bam, you basically need to do 40 again....siiiiiigh).
    I´ve always been struggling with this but I´ve gotta say that going to the gym did become a habit for me and if I don´t exercise at least 3 times a week now, I feel like something´s wrong. On the other hand though, I never exercise when I´m on holiday or visiting someone and I find myself being at the starting point again when I´m back, just trying super hard to force myself move my bum again.
    AH, I wish I was a disciplined person when it comes to dieting and weight loss so much sometimes:(

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  3. I also go through phases, but this comes down to not wanting to exercise in front of others so the gym is a massive no no, though if you can find a Dancercise class you should totally go, I go purple with effort but have so much fun I don't care.

    I have been doing the Shred as well and completed level 2 today with a total loss of an inch and half around arms, waist and hips, big achievement for me! I can't do the final 10 days cos of a holiday and this upsets me as its definitely working. So I say give it another go, it's half an hour of your day put to amazing use, and level 2 shows the girls helping Jillian suffering too!!

    If I (couch potato extraordinaire) can get to liking exercise and plan to do push ups and sit ups whilst on my holiday you can push through with the shred!

  4. I just started the shred today and I really enjoyed it, even though I felt like I might die afterwards! :P
    I hope I stick to it, but I have a habit of getting distracted or saying I don't have time. I really want to stick to this though so I've conned my OH into doing it with me. I tend to stick at things more if it's more of a competition and if I don't want to do it he will make me! Although today it was more a competition of who hates the dvd the most! :P

  5. i have the exact same problem - i tell myself im going to do something and stick to it, then end up just stopping..
    id say give yourself a break for a bit! youve been doing really well and everyones allowed a break! im not saying let yourself go completely and undo all your hard work, but maybe just take a week off dieting so you can relax and get yourself together again, and remind yourself why youre doing this. hopefully after that you'll feel re-energised and inspired to start again..!
    good luck!
    nicola xx

  6. Ah, I had a similar post in mind! I'm really struggling at the moment, I'm so all or nothing with weightloss and exercise and right now I'm in a 'nothing' phase. I'm hoping that once my last 'bad thing' is out the way I'll get back to it.

  7. Inspiring post, lady! It's hard, but hang on in there. x